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Mary Feilding Guild project

In 2018 con spirito launched a project at Mary Feilding Guild, a home for the active elderly in Highgate, with the goal of bringing young and old together to share chamber music in a mutually rewarding way. The project was enjoyed by residents and young musicians alike until Covid-19 forced care homes to close their doors to visitors in Spring 2020. We look forward to developing new projects with care homes in future when the situation allows.

open rehearsal

We brought groups of students on regular visits to the Guild where we held open rehearsals. The process of exploring a piece and developing a narrative was shared with residents, incorporating their responses and ideas.

improvisation and devised pieces

con spirito students worked with residents to create compositions inspired by poetry, most recently on the theme of fire and water. Mary Feilding Guild had a thriving poetry club and residents offered their thoughts and talked about their life experiences with children as they developed stories in their music.





Twice a year con spirito students brought a concert to Mary Feilding Guild where each group introduced their performance to residents. After the concerts, performers and audience enjoyed sharing cake and conversation.

concerts for care homes 2020

During lockdown, when we were unable to visit Mary Feilding Guild in person, we launched con spirito concerts for care homes. Students of all ages recorded performances of their favourite pieces at home and we created a series of four virtual concerts. These concerts have been shared and enjoyed by many care home residents.

We welcome email enquiries from care homes to

Mary Fielding Guild cake and conversatio
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